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Sec. 10-82.  Board of licensing.
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The Town of St. John Contractors Board of Licensing is hereby created. This board shall have general charge and responsibility of administering this article. The title of this board is as follows: "Town of St. John Contractors Board of Licensing."

(1) Duties and policies. It shall be the duty and policy of the board to:

a. Prescribe the form licenses and issue same, and to investigate and supervise all licenses it issues.

b. Issue contractor and specialty contractor licenses to any business entity who meets the requirements and complies with the provisions of this article.

c. It shall be the responsibility of this board to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations for conduct of its business consistent with the guidelines and provisions of this article and do all things necessary to carry out and enforce the provisions of this article.

d. The secretary shall call all meetings of the board as directed by the board chairman. Sufficient notice shall be given to permit each board member to attend all meetings. Three (3) members in attendance at board meetings shall constitute a quorum sufficient for the transaction of the board's business. A majority vote of all members in attendance shall be required to bind the board.

(2) Board composition.

a. This board shall consist of five (5) members, to be appointed as follows:

1. The Town Manager or town zoning administrator, or designee, shall serve as a voting member on the board as long as the Town Manager or town zoning administrator serves in such capacity.

2. Four (4) citizen members appointed by the Town Council who are residents of the Town and are generally familiar with the construction industry.

b. All five (5) members of this board shall be entitled to vote on all issues pertaining to the functions of the board.

c. All members appointed shall serve for a term of two (2) years, and until successor(s) are appointed.

d. A member shall be elected to serve as chairman at the first meeting of each calendar year to serve as chairman until the next election. A member may serve as chairman for as many terms as elected. The board may elect such other officers when and how it deems necessary.