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Sec. 10-92.  Electrical inspections and examinations; compensation of electrical inspector.
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(a) Electrical inspections.

(1) A maximum of two (2) part-time personnel shall be utilized for electrical inspections.

(2) All electrical inspectors in the Town shall be at a minimum, a fourth year electrical apprentice; a fifth year apprentice or a journeyman electrician are also acceptable to serve in the position of town electrical inspector.

(3) Electrical inspections in the Town shall be performed in the evenings on Mondays through Fridays, and Saturday inspections shall be conducted if a demand for a Saturday inspection exists.

(b) Electrical examinations.

(1) The electrical inspector shall administer three (3) classes of examinations, namely, contractor, homeowner, and swimming pools. The electrical inspector shall prepare and have on hand four (4) or more versions of each test and retain them on file in the office of the Town Building and Planning department. The low voltage test shall hereafter be eliminated.

(2) The electrical inspector shall grade the tests and inform the applicant of the results and the electrical inspector's determination of the necessity of re-testing the applicant. The applicant shall be entitled to appeal the results to the electrical inspector or request a re-test. The test results shall remain on file in the office of the Town Building and Planning department.

(c) Compensation of electrical inspector.

(1) The Town electrical inspector shall be paid on an hourly basis for inspections completed and/or work accomplished.

(2) The hourly rate of compensation for the Town electrical inspector shall be the prevailing wage rate for union electricians of the class or category of the said electrical inspector as set forth in subsection (a)(2) above.