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In addition to existing statutes, laws and ordinances, the following traffic regulations shall govern all traffic and vehicles on the Lake Central High School property and Kolling School property in the Town:

(1) Speed regulations. The speed limit on all roadways and parking lot areas shall be ten (10) miles an hour; however, whenever the Town determines that such speed is less than necessary for safe operation of vehicles on any particular roadway, the speed limit in effect shall be posted by signs giving notice thereof.

(2) One-way roadways. One-way roadways shall be determined as necessary by the school trustees or officials and the board of school trustees shall place and maintain signs giving notice of any such one-way street and regulation shall be effective when such signs are in place designating the direction of traffic on such streets.

(3) Parking. No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic in compliance with law, or the direction of a police officer or when a police officer is not present by the direction of a school official, in any of the following places:

a. On any area other than the parking lot designated for parking;

b. On the shoulder of any roadway or parking lot roadway;

c. On any grass area;

d. Within twenty (20) feet of a fire hydrant;

e. On any walk leading from a road to a door or exit of a school building;

f. Where signs or yellow painted curbs indicate no parking;

g. In any place designated for visitor parking;

h. In any area designated as private parking for a specific individual;

i. On a crosswalk;

j. At any place where signs prohibit parking;

k. In any place or manner so as to obstruct movement of traffic;

l. In any manner so as to interfere with traffic or create a hazardous situation.

(4) Driving across lines. No person shall drive on, across or to the left of a double yellow line painted on the surface of the roadway dividing the street for movement of traffic.

(5) Traffic movement on school grounds. No person shall drive or operate any vehicle on the school property except for ingress and egress to and from the school property at the normal hours of regular activities and extra-curricular activities and all vehicles shall be required to be parked at all other times in accordance with the parking requirements herein set forth.

(Code 1983, 9-4-1-28(a), § 1)