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(a) There is hereby created and established a St. John driver education program designed for traffic offenders with four (4) or less points against their Indiana driver's license (town ordinance violators only) with the objective of improving offenders' driving skills.

(b) The fee for the Town driver education program shall be the sum of one hundred fifty two dollars ($152.00). Further, that the appropriate sum, as required by applicable Indiana Code, as amended from time to time, shall be deducted from the program fee and sent to the clerk of the county courts as payment for courts costs for any ordinance violation and/or violation of a state statute that constitutes a moving violation.

(c) The program shall be administered and operated by the police chief who shall be state-certified for this position as well as all instructors.

(d) Upon successful completion of the four-hour course and program, the pending traffic charges shall be dismissed.

(e) The offenses eligible for the program shall be all town ordinance moving violations.

(f) The program shall be operated consistent with the driver education program manual containing the mission statement, eligibility/attendance, schedule of classes/length/validity, instructors, and protocol which manual is hereby specifically incorporated in this section by reference.

(g) The chief of police shall be and hereby is authorized in conjunction with the clerk-treasurer to create such forms and bulletins to effectively administer the program.

(h) Traffic offenders who have not attended the Town driver education program (traffic school) within the last two (2) years may attend the Town driver education program (traffic school) if they have received a town moving violation no matter how many points they have against their driver's license at the time of the offense.

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