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In accordance with IC 9-13-2-127 and IC 34-6-2-85, as the same are amended from time to time, any person, firm or corporation violating and found liable by plea of any portion of this traffic code of the Town which regulates the use, standing or parking of vehicles upon streets, alleys, or other public places, may, in lieu of being charged for such violation in court, pay to the clerk-treasurer of the Town, a penalty of seventy dollars and fifty cents ($70.50) for a moving violation, a penalty of twenty dollars ($20.00) for a nonspecific parking violation, a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for parking in a fire lane, and/or a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for parking in a handicapped area or zone. Said payment shall be deposited in the general fund of the Town. Such penalties shall be paid within seven (7) days of the date of the violation. Upon failure to pay any penalty herein prescribed in accordance with the provisions hereof, such violator shall be charged forthwith in a court pursuant to state law. All moving violations of the Ordinance shall be certified pursuant to state law. Further, in addition to the fines and penalties aforesaid, court costs shall be assessed in the amount of one hundred six dollars and fifty cents ($106.50) and a law enforcement continuing education fee in the amount of three dollars ($3.00) shall likewise be assessed for all moving violations only.

The fine, court costs, and law enforcement continuing education fee shall be payable the clerk-treasurer of the Town, as a designated violations bureau of the county court. Upon receipt of payment, the Town's clerk-treasurer shall forward the court costs and the law enforcement continuing education fee to the clerk of the county court for distribution in accordance with applicable state statutes.

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