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(a) Applications for consideration as a towing agency for the Town Police Department are to be made in writing to the chief of police and the board of metropolitan police commissioners.

(1) Applications should describe facilities and tow trucks which will be used.

(2) Applicant must show capability for storage of two (2) cars inside and storage of five (5) cars in an enclosed, fenced area, in compliance with all applicable provisions of the Town zoning ordinance, as amended from time to time.

(3) Applicant must show proof of liability insurance, consistent with the requirements set forth in the relevant Indiana statutes. It shall be the responsibility of each towing firm to make sure that their insurance carrier has an updated liability statement on file with the Town Police Department, and further, that a binder of insurance naming the Town as co-insured is also on file.

(4) Applicants must meet or exceed any and all state statutes and rules and regulations governing towing firms in the State of Indiana.

(5) There shall be a maximum number of three (3) towing firms for each class or classification of towing firms to be utilized by the Town Police Department on the basis and in the manner described hereafter.

(6) As applications for consideration for towing are received, they will be placed in a master file and as one or more present towing firm(s) eliminate(s) itself (themselves) from the list, the next firm(s) in order by date of application will then be considered.

(7) Towing firms will be on probation for the first year after initial placement on the list, and at the end of the first year their service shall be evaluated by the board of metropolitan police commissioners.

(b) An investigation will be conducted into the background of the owner-operator, employees and facilities of the towing firms. Said investigation shall be made by the chief of police, or his duly designated representative, who will report his findings to the board of metropolitan police commissioners. The board of metropolitan police commissioners shall then make the final decision for approval or disapproval.

(Ord. No. 0886, § I, 4-13-92; Ord. No. 0905, § 1, 11-9-92)