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(a) Whenever the chief of police and the board of trustees, in the course of a traffic study deem it advisable to delete or to add other streets to the traffic schedules they may do so on a temporary basis. Such streets and locations, when posted by signs, shall be deemed for the temporary period to be incorporated within the terms of this chapter; persons violating the same shall be deemed guilty of an offense as if they were incorporated within the schedules herein.

(b) Upon the posting of such streets the chief of police shall immediately forward copies of the addition to the Town board, the clerk-treasurer, and the Town attorney. In addition, a copy of said change or addition shall be posted in a public place in each ward of the Town. In the event that the Town board shall, by resolution, deem the addition to be unwise or improper then said signs shall be immediately removed. Until the Town board disapproves of the proposed addition or modification of the schedules, the chief of police may maintain such signs for any period he deems sufficient to properly evaluate the effects and benefits of the addition or modification to the schedules, not to exceed one (1) year.

(c) At least once each year the chief of police shall forward to the Town board a list of suggested modifications as determined by studies, engineering, traffic surveys, or experience and as verified by temporary posting of signs as hereinbefore described.

(Code 1983, 9-4-1-28(b), Art. XVI, §§ 1—3)