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(a) No driver of a vehicle or motorman of a streetcar shall disobey the instructions of any official traffic-control device placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter unless otherwise directed by a police officer or a fireman.

(b) When traffic-control devices or flagmen are utilized at worksites on any public highway for traffic control, all motorists shall exercise extraordinary care to secure the mutual safety of all persons and motorists at the worksite.

(c) All traffic shall observe and obey all such traffic-control devices including signals, signs, and warnings and any and all such directions, signs or warning devices that may be given or displayed by a police officer, fireman or flagman for the purpose of safely controlling traffic movement at the worksite and generally promoting safety there.

(Code 1983, 9-4-1-28(b), Art. II, § 2)

State law reference—Similar provisions, IC 9-4-1-33; authority to regulate traffic by means of traffic-control signals, IC 9-4-1-28(a)(2), 9-4-1-33.