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(a) Definition. A "junk motor vehicle" is hereby defined to be any motor vehicle, trailer, boat, recreational vehicle, construction or residential trailer, or any part thereof, which meets any one (1) of the following qualifications:

(1) Does not display a current valid state license plate;

(2) Cannot be operated safely for its intended purpose;

(3) Is qualified for but is not carried on the most recent tax assessment records of the county;

(4) Does not have equipment upon it which is in good working order and adjustment, as required by the laws of the state;

(5) As to a part or parts of any motor vehicle only, is not kept inside of a garage or other building.

(b) Abatement.

(1) In the event the chief of police or the building commissioner determines that a junk motor vehicle constitutes an immediate hazard to public health and safety, the chief of police and/or the building commissioner may authorize the removal of the junk motor vehicle or vehicles and impound the same without prior notice to the owner.

(2) In the event a junk motor vehicle is impounded without prior notice to the owner, the chief of police and/or the building commissioner shall cause a notice of the removal to be served upon an adult person occupying the real estate upon which the junk motor vehicle is located. If no such person shall be found, a notice of the removal shall be affixed to any building on the real estate or upon the real estate itself and a copy of the notice mailed to the person and address shown on the records of the auditor or treasurer of the county to be the owner of the real estate.

(c) Penalty. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section or fail to comply therewith, shall for each and every violation or failure of compliance be guilty of the offense and upon conviction thereof shall be fined pursuant to section 1-9 of the Town Code, the same being the general penalty provisions of the same. Each day such violation shall be permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense, the owner, or the tenant as other than the owner, of any real or building shall knowingly permit another to keep or maintain a junk motor vehicle upon their premises shall be guilty of a separate offense and upon conviction thereof shall be fined as provided herein.

(Code 1983, 9-4-1-28(b), Art. VII, § 4; Ord. No. 1148, 11-22-99)