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Sec. 14-44.  Removal by town.
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(a) In the event that the landowner fails or refuses to remove the weeds and rank vegetation within the time prescribed in the notice issued pursuant to section 14-43, the Town Manager may authorize town employees or hire an independent contractor to remove such weeds and rank vegetation and the Town clerk-treasurer shall make a certified statement of the actual costs incurred by the Town, which statement shall be delivered to the landowner by a town employee or first class mail, and such landowner shall have not more than ten (10) days within which to pay such amount to the office of the clerk-treasurer. Actual costs shall include the weeds and rank vegetation removal expense, administrative expenses, and mailing expenses.

(b) If the landowner fails to pay the actual costs within the time prescribed, a certified copy of the statement of costs shall be filed in the offices of the Lake County auditor, and the auditor shall place the amount so claimed on the tax duplicate against the land of the landowner effected by the work, and the amount shall be collected as taxes are collected, and when collected shall be disbursed to the general fund of the Town.