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Sec. 14-72.  Regulations concerning sales.
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Residential sales shall be permitted in residentially-zoned districts of the Town, provided the following conditions are met:

(1) No merchandise other than that normally found in a residential household may be sold;

(2) Each sale shall not exceed three (3) days or parts thereof.

(3) Not more than two (2) residential sales per year shall be allowed at any one (1) location.

(4) Each sale is restricted to, and is the responsibility of, the owner or occupant of the premises upon which the sale is conducted.

(5) A permit is required and issued by the office of the clerk-treasurer of the Town at least (5) days prior to the residential sale at a cost of five dollars ($5.00) to the person conducting the sale.

(6) The permit shall be posted in a location readily visible from the street during the entire sale.

(7) All signs advertising the residential sale must be removed immediately after the sale period has ended.