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Sec. 16-55.  Unpaid leave of absence.
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(a) Unpaid leave of absence may be granted as a protection for town employees should a need arise for extended time off work for the following reasons:

(1) Extended illness or injury not job-related.

(2) Maternity leave.

(3) Extended educational or training needs.

(4) Other reasons deemed necessary by the superintendent upon notification.

(b) Written notification of requested leave must be made by the requesting employee to the Town board and clerk-treasurer stating:

(1) The reasons for the leave; and

(2) The anticipated duration with beginning and ending dates.

(c) The leave of absence without pay shall not exceed six (6) months. Leave without pay shall be granted subject to the approval and periodic reapproval by the Town board of trustees based on the records of the Town. Any employee may be required to give progress reports as to the status of his condition throughout the duration of the leave.

(d) In the case of illness or maternity leave, all accumulated vacation leave, sick leave and personal leave will be exhausted before the start of the leave of absence.

(e) The employee will not be eligible for any pay during the leave. The leave will not count toward vacation days, sick days, or paid holidays. Health and life insurance benefits will continue to be paid by the Town for the first ninety (90) days; thereafter, only at the expense of the employee.

(f) An employee's return to work at the same job level, job, or salary level cannot be guaranteed; but the Town has the responsibility of trying to reinstate the employee to a position at or near to the one vacated for the leave, to the extent possible.

(g) Employees failing to report on the date specified in the leave shall be terminated unless an extension is requested. Said extension cannot exceed the six-month maximum leave of absence.