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Sec. 16-58.  Training leave.
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(a) An employee may obtain training leaves without loss of pay for the purpose of participating in training that will increase his knowledge or efficiency in his position with the Town.

(b) If the training is directly related to the business of the Town, the cost of such training may be paid by the Town upon successful completion of said training. Overtime will not be granted for training time. All training leaves must be approved by the proper authority.

(c) Employees who have been granted permission by their immediate supervisor to take a test to obtain a certification or a credential and who are scheduled to work that same day will be paid their normal hourly wage for the number of hours worked or tested. Employees who are taking tests for same on their scheduled days off will be paid their normal hourly rate for the number of hours involved in taking the test. Employees shall not be paid outside their normal scheduled hours for training and preparation for testing for attainment of certifications.