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To a proud team dedicated to citizen service:

Your fellow employees of the Town of St. John welcome you to the Team. You have been chosen to receive an opportunity to become part of a proud working tradition. Your co-workers and their predecessors have established an outstanding reputation serving the citizens of St. John. Indeed, our motto is "Citizen Service." Simply put, this means our mission is to provide quality service on a consistent basis with economy and efficiency in mind. We must be ever mindful of how we spend our taxpayers' dollars.

Please understand you will be in the public's eye. As such, expectations are high and greater scrutiny will be placed upon your work performance. We are confident you will serve with honor.

The Town policies and procedures have been adopted to provide guidance for all concerned. It is your responsibility to know and practice them. As you study this manual, please list any questions for review with your Supervisor. A thorough understanding of these procedures will make all our working lives better.

When problems or concerns arise, employees should attempt to resolve them with his/her Supervisor. Perhaps the matter can be taken care of before it becomes necessary to file a formal grievance.

We ask that you do not let little problems become big ones through neglect. If it is work-related, and is bothering you, discuss the matter with your Supervisor.

The Town of St. John is proud of the benefit package provided to our valued employees. Your Supervisor will explain these benefits and let you know at what point you will be eligible for them.

St. John is an outstanding community. One of the biggest reasons we are that way is the pride and dedication of our municipal work force. It is a pleasure to welcome you to an organization that is dedicated to "Citizen Service." We are confident that you will contribute to make St. John an even better place to work and live.

(Ord. No. 1696, § 2, 12-12-19)