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(a) The council now creates the administrative position of superintendent of police.

(b) This position shall be that of a department head and executive or supervisory position.

(c) The superintendent shall have the following powers, duties and responsibilities within the Town:

(1) Enforce town ordinances and state laws;

(2) Suppress all breaches of the peace;

(3) Serve all process issued by the Town or any subdivision thereof;

(4) Convey prisoners to and from the Town jail or police station and the county jail or juvenile detention center or other places of imprisonment;

(5) Preserve the peace;

(6) Prevent offenses;

(7) Detect criminals;

(8) Suppress riots, mobs, and insurrections;

(9) Disperse unlawful and dangerous assemblages that obstruct the free passage of public streets, sidewalks, parks and places;

(10) Protect the rights of persons and property;

(11) Guard the public health;

(12) Preserve order at elections and public meetings;

(13) Direct the movement of vehicles in public ways or public places;

(14) Remove all nuisances in public parks and public ways;

(15) Provide proper police assistance at fires;

(16) Assist, advise, and protect strangers and travelers in public ways or at transportation facilities;

(17) Carefully observe and inspect all places of business under license, or required to have them;

(18) Supervise all the personnel, whether police officers or civilian personnel of the Police Department of the Town as well as all equipment employed;

(19) Establish and implement the policies of the Police Department of the Town;

(20) Assist the Town Council and commission in preparing the budget for the Police Department;

(21) Is answerable only to, under the authority of, and is under the direct control of the Town Council and the commission;

(22) Recommend and enforce discipline within the Police Department;

(23) Is not a member of the Police Department of the Town;

(24) Work with the commission of the Town.

(d) The superintendent shall be selected by the council by whatever criteria the council deems appropriate. The council may seek the advice of or assign the authority to select the superintendent upon the commission. The Town Council or commission may employ such personnel or assistance as they deem necessary to assist in the selection of a superintendent.

(e) The Town Council with the advise of the commission shall set the compensation and benefits as well as work hours, terms and conditions of employment, vacations, paid or unpaid holidays, leaves of absence, or other terms of employment of the superintendent.

(f) The superintendent is the chief law enforcement officer of the Town.

(g) The Town confers upon the superintendent the powers, duties, privileges of all regular police officers of the Town during the term of his employment, but is not subject to the police chief. These powers, duties and privileges are conferred pursuant to I.C. 36-8-3-7 and I.C. 36-8-3-20 and include, but are not limited to, the power to arrest suspected law violators.

(h) The Town Council assigns to the superintendent, subject to suspension of this assignment without notice, all powers and duties the council has under the Indiana Code to generally supervise the Police Department of the Town.

(Ord. No. 0786, § 3, 3-14-89)