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(a) The chief shall have the powers and duties conferred upon all chiefs of police under I.C. 36-8-3-10 and other applicable Indiana Code sections, subject to the terms and conditions of this article.

(b) The chief is responsible to, and is under the direct control of the council, the commission, and the superintendent.

(c) The chief shall have any lawful additional powers, duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to him by the council or the superintendent.

(d) The chief of police of the Town shall not be required to reside within the Town limits during his service as chief.

(e) Notwithstanding subsection (d), the chief of police, being a member of the Police Department and an officer, must abide by the provisions of I.C. 36-8-9-4, as amended.

(Ord. No. 0786, § 4, 3-14-89; Ord. No. 1200, 3-22-01)