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Sec. 2-50.  Statutory payment methods.
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(a) The Town Council, as fiscal body, hereby authorizes the following statutory methods of payment for utility fees, fines, and services to the Town, consistent with the provisions of IC 36-1-8-11, namely:

(1) Cash;

(2) Check;

(3) Bank draft;

(4) Money order;

(5) Bank card or credit card;

(6) Debit card; and

(7) Electronic funds transfer or direct deposit.

(b) Neither the Town, a unit of local government, nor any municipally owned utilities of the Town, including the St. John Sanitary District or the St. John Department of Waterworks, shall be responsible for the payment of any service charges associated with the use of the statutorily prescribed methods of payment for utility fees, fines and services hereby authorized and set forth in subsection (a) hereinabove.

(c) Authorization is hereby provided for contracting with a bank card or credit card vendor for acceptance of bank cards or credit cards for payment of utility fees, fines and services to the Town; further, any charge for such service shall be collected from the person who uses such payment methods, and may be paid to a contracting vendor under appropriate contract for such payment method and use.