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As a part of the impact fee ordinance, the St. John Town Council has adopted a zone improvement plan (infrastructure improvement plan) and has determined pursuant thereto that an impact fee in the sum of one thousand eight hundred sixty-eight dollars and one cent ($1,868.01) per dwelling unit should be established. This fee is reviewed annually and a further review of the zone improvement plan is accomplished every five (5) years. As a result thereof, the impact fee aforesaid may change from time to time. For the current fee in force at any given time, the Building and Planning Department of the Town of St. John should be consulted.

Based upon the St. John Zone Improvement Plan of June 2023, the certification of the Advisory Committee, and Town Plan Commission Resolution favorable recommendation for approval of Ordinance No. 1804, the Town Council now determines that the park and recreational impact fee cost per equivalent dwelling unit is as follows:



January 26, 2024 ("Effective Date"), to January 25, 2025:


January 26, 2025, to January 25, 2026:


January 26, 2026, to January 25, 2027:


January 26, 2027, to January 25, 2028:


January 26, 2028, to January 25, 2029 ("Statutory End Date"):


(Ord. No. 1707, T. 7, § 3, 7-22-20; Ord. No. 1804, § 1, 7-26-23)