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This article, including guidelines and criteria, does not provide solutions to all drainage problems, nor is the engineer restricted to these designs or procedures exclusively. Although the policies as stated will hold true for most development work in this area, the Town of St. John realizes that there may be some exceptions to the policies or the criteria which, on individual projects, could involve special or unusual drainage problems that should be reviewed prior to completing the drainage plans.

The policy of the Town of St. John shall be:

(1) All information necessary will be submitted to the Town Engineer to determine if the stormwater rate of runoff should be controlled within the development prior to its release to downstream properties for all proposed developments.

(2) All stormwater drainage facilities within a development shall be designed to have capacity for the total tributary area, at the design storm frequency.

(3) All proposed developments with a runoff rate greater than that which the downstream system is or will be designed for, will be required to control the rate of stormwater discharge.

(4) All developments having existing controls located downstream from the site will be required to control the discharge flow rate of stormwater to that rate which existed prior to development.

If the decision is made by the Town of St. John, through its Engineer, to handle stormwater runoff by storage, the detention facility will be transferred to the Town by deed with a reverter clause to the developer if no longer used as a water storage facility; however, the developer will be required to maintain the facility for two (2) years after approval or acceptance by the Town. Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, soil erosion, grass cover, pipes, overflow, etc. Retention facilities may be retained and maintained by the developer or POA only with approval of the Plan Commission.

(Ord. No. 1707, T. 6, § 1, 7-22-20)