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* Editor’s note: Pursuant to the provisions of 22-11-1-10 of the Indiana Code, the administrative building council has promulgated rules and regulations governing the construction of all buildings, and governing electricity, plumbing, mobile homes and other similar objects. These rules supersede all other regulations on the same subject. IC 22-11-1-11. The requirement of filing of plans of one- and two-family private residences and other outbuildings in connection therewith is the responsibility of local authorities. IC 22-11-1-12.5, and the provisions of the statewide building code are to be enforced by local building officials. IC 22-11-1-19. Local authorities, with the rules and regulations issued by the administrative building council as a basis, may by ordinance go into more detail, if desired, or provide for more stringent requirements, provided the same do not conflict with any rule or order of the administrative building council. Id. Such changes must be approved by the administrative building council before enactment, IC 22-11-1-32.

Ord. No. 0985, §§ 1—25, adopted March 23, 1995, repealed former Art. II, §§ 4-214-34, and enacted new provisions which have been designated by the editor as a new Art. II, §§ 4-214-42. Former Art. II pertained to similar subject matter and derived from Ord. No. 0689, §§ 3, 5—17, 19, adopted Aug. 11, 1986.