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Statutory References

for Indiana Cities and Towns

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The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Indiana cities and towns. They are current through July 1, 2015.

General Provisions

Incorporation of towns. IC 36-5-1

Classification of municipalities. IC 36-4-1

Annexation, deannexation. IC 36-4-3

Merger of municipalities. IC 36-4-2

Dissolution or change of name of towns. IC 36-5-1-12 et seq.

General municipal powers. IC 36-1-3, 36-1-4

Extraterritorial powers. IC 36-8-2-13

Home rule. IC 36-1-3

City ordinances and resolutions. IC 36-4-6-11 et seq.

Town ordinances and resolutions. IC 36-5-2-9.2 et seq.

Codification of ordinances. IC 36-1-5

Enforcement of ordinances. IC 36-1-6

Punishment for ordinance violations. IC 36-1-3-8

Publication of notices. IC 5-3

Suffrage and elections. Indiana Const. Art. 2 and IC 3

Administration and Personnel

Division of city powers. IC 36-4-4

City executive. IC 36-4-5

City legislative body. IC 36-4-6

City departments, boards and appointed officers. IC 36-4-9

Officers’ bonds and oaths. IC 5-4

City clerk and fiscal officer. IC 36-4-10

City deputies and employees. IC 36-4-11

City manager for third class cities. IC 36-4-12

Town legislative body and executive. IC 36-5-2

Town manager. IC 36-5-5

Town clerk-treasurer. IC 36-5-6

Town marshal. IC 36-5-7

Interlocal cooperation. IC 36-1-7

Personnel system. IC 36-1-4-14

Regional planning commissions. IC 36-7-7

Local civil rights commissions. IC 22-9-1-12.1

Safety boards. IC 36-8-3

Police and fire merit systems. IC 36-8-3.5

City works boards. IC 36-9-6

Parks departments. IC 36-10-4

Elections. IC 3

Sanitation departments. IC 36-9-25

Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations

License revocation, cities. IC 36-4-5-5

License revocation, towns. IC 36-5-4-11

Municipal powers. IC 36-1-3, 36-8-2-10

Exemption from vending and peddling license fees. IC 25-25-2-1

Charitable solicitations. IC 36-8-2-11

Public gatherings. IC 36-8-2-9

Alcoholic beverages. IC 7.1

Vehicles for hire. IC 36-9-2-4

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

State criminal code. IC 35

General municipal powers. IC 36-1-3, 36-1-4

Discrimination. IC 22-9

Vehicles and Traffic

State traffic code. IC 9

Local traffic regulations. IC 9-21-1-2 et seq.

City department of traffic engineering. IC 36-9-7

Municipal parking facilities. IC 36-9-11

Parking meters. IC 36-9-12

Buildings and Construction

Building Code. IC 22-12 et seq.

Unsafe buildings. IC 36-7-9

Municipal powers in building and construction regulation. IC 36-7-2-3 et seq.

Historic preservation. IC 36-7-11


Subdivision regulations. IC 36-7-4-700 et seq.


Local planning and zoning. IC 36-7

General powers re: planning and development. IC 36-7-2

Flood control districts. IC 36-9-29


Economic development and pollution control. IC 36-7-12