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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. No. 2023-08-23 Additional funds appropriation 8/23/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26F 2023 wastewater utility budget 7/26/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26E 2023 water utility budget 7/26/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26D Transfer of funds 7/26/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26C Amends comprehensive plan 7/26/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26B Transfer of appropriations 7/26/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26A Additional funds appropriation 7/26/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-07-26 Adopts fiscal plan for annexation 7/26/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1806 Amends Ord. 1787, salary schedule 7/26/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1805 Establishes funds for tax increment financing allocation areas 7/26/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1804 Amends Ord. 1671, park and recreational impact fee 7/26/2023 Codified
Ord. No. 1803 Storm water user fee 8/23/2023 Codified
Res. No. WW2023-07-18 Waterworks board 2023 budget 7/18/2023 Special
Res. No. SD2023-07-18 Sanitary district board 2023 budget 7/18/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-06-28C Authorizes investment of funds 6/28/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-06-28A Disposal of uncollectible accounts 6/28/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1802 Amends Ord. 1787, salary schedule 6/28/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1801 Amends Ord. 1594, police and fire department fee schedule 6/28/2023 Codified
Ord. No. 1800 Annexation 6/28/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1799 Reserved
Ord. No. 1798 Amends § 2-14(a), refunds of monies or funds held in accounts maintained by the clerk-treasurer 6/28/2023 Codified
Ord. No. 1797 Amends Ord. 1719, building code 6/28/2023 Codified
Res. No. 2023-06-21 Board of storm water management storm water user fee recommendation 6/21/2023 Special
Ord. No. 1796 Amends Ord. 1787, salary schedule 5/24/2023 Special
Res. No. 2023-05-24 Transfer of funds 5/24/2023 Special